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Test de 25 preguntas

Descubre cuál es tu nivel

1. My friend Marc … to London last year
2. Carlos is very … He’s never late, and he never forgets to do things
3. This is … area, with lots of houses and flats
4. She was so upset that she burst … tears
5. If I … well in my exams, I … to University
6. Jasmine … her hand on the oven
7. I usually …running twice a week.
8. Where did you go … holiday last year?
9. I wish I … have an exam tomorrow!
10. When I first moved to Spain, the customs were strange, but now I'm used … Here!
11. There … milk in the fridge.
12. Where is David? I … For him for over an hour!
13. ...feeling OK? You look green.
14. My hair is horrible and way too long! I need to … soon. I will call my barber.
15. Can you speak louder? It is … noisy in here!
16. There … a horrible accident if the taxi driver hadn’t stopped the car.
17. My Dad has been working in the bank … Two years.
18. Toni went to bed early because he was …
19. Do you want … the football match tonight?
20. She did all the work … her own.
21. That car is not …… mine.
22. If I … You, I would tell the teacher that she copied your exam.
23. See that girl, she lives … Anna
24. Vegetables are very good …you and healthy
25. The coffee was … hot to drink

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